Academic integrity

Integrity implies responsible research data management by LERU (Europe)

Budget for RDM

NPOS report – Project A: Transitiekosten Open Science

Budget for RDM

Invest 5% of total research expenditure on properly managing and ‘stewarding’ data on Nature

Culture change

Strategy Evaluation Protocol 2021-2027 by KNAW, VSNU and NWO(NL)

Data stewardship

Dutch Roadmap towards national implementation of FAIR data stewardship; recommendations Chapter 7 (starting pag. 54)


Concrete recommendations in Turning FAIR into reality Directive on FAIR open data by EC


Six Recommendations for Implementation of FAIR Practice by the FAIR in Practice Task Force of the European Open Science Cloud FAIR Working Group

Health data

Tools and facilities for health data and samples in personalised medicine and health by Health RI (NL)

Maturity model

A Research Infrastructure Self Evaluation Framework by the Digital Curation Centre (UK)

Open Science

Leadership – the key to Open Science by LERU (EU)

Open Science

Road map for transition towards Open and Inclusive Science by enabling FAIR data by LERU (EU)

Open Science

Website on Open Scholarship by Knowledge Exchange (EU)

RDM expert centre

Resources to develop and deliver effective data management services by DCC (UK)

RDM in the Netherlands

Overview of RDM put into practice in the Netherlands

RDM policy

RDM toolkit to check the relevant elements of a successful research data management policy (EU Horizon 2020)

RDM policy

The Core Elements of a Research Data Management Policy by CORDIS (EU)

Research data management foundations

Example of global cooperation for public research data in the Beijing Declaration

Research data management foundations

Recommendations for university leaders on open access of research data by European University Association

Research data management foundations

Sorbonne declaration on research data rights

Research funder

RDM requirements of a provider of funding for research (NWO, NL)

VSNU Career paths

Global goals and career paths with employment conditions from the association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU)