Data management plan

Software to assist Researchers in writing appropriate Data Management Plans by DMP online

Data sharing

The importance of sharing data with other researchers in this NYU video

DataOne Training materials

Use engagement materials, using the Best Practices of Data Management by DataOne

Engagement of researchers

Examples of engaging researchers in RDM collected in The Cookbook

Engagement of researchers

The Data Champion Initiative, to facilitate a community of researchers by the TUDelft (NL)

GOFAIR Training materials

Use engagement materials with the RDM Starter Kit by GOFAIR

RDM in the Netherlands

Overview of RDM put into practice in the Netherlands

RDNL Glossary

Relevant concepts in a glossary at the Essentials 4 Data Support training website


By Mantra: introduction to concepts and terminology of Research Data Management


A registry of online training resources by the Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse

Training materials

Research Data Management Promotional Material by Jena University (DE)