Data archiving

Archiving tips by Research Data NL (RDNL)

Digital preservation

The Curation Workflow by the Digital Curation Network

Digital repository certification

Trustworthy digital repository certifications German example

Open Archive Information System

Presentation of Open Archival Information System (OAIS) for designing an archive

Research funders

Requirements for data management plans and trustworthy repositories by Science Europe

Trustworthy data repositories

A catalogue of databases, according to BioDBcore guidelines, with the standards used

Trustworthy data repositories

FAIR Data Repository Finder by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) with DataCite and the Earth, Space and Environment Sciences Community

Trustworthy data repositories

A certified long-term archive for storing and re-using research data by DANS (NL)

Trustworthy data repositories is a global registry of research data repositories from different academic disciplines

Trustworthy data repositories

Recommended data repositories by Nature

Trustworthy data repositories

Recommended data repositories by Springernature

Trustworthy data repository

A trusted long-term archive, qualified with a Data Seal of Approval, for storing and re-using applied, technical-scientific research data by 4TU (NL)